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Naughty Lamp Lighters

Naughty Lamp Lighters

Trip Start: Oct 06 2010 - Trip End: Oct 06 2011

Part two in our overland expeditions. We devert the cold winter in Europe by traveling through West Africa to South Africa after which we might go to Asia or some other part of the world (depending what our feelings will tell us). This time the 2 kids will join on the trip!

Part two...Even before heading off on our first trip from which you can read all the stories on our website the thought of exploring Asia in 2010 came up. As our book ends with End of part one... it is time to get started again!This time we will go with 2 vehicles 5 persons and many more countries to visit. The initial idea was to visit the Festival aux Desert in Essakane (near Timbuctu Mali) in January 2011 and explore Asia (Stan countries China Mongolia Russia) in order to cross the Bering Sea to Alaska.We reconsidered our big plans and made the decision to first travel through West Africa to South Africa (mainly to divert the winter in Europe and Asia) and see from there.

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