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Kapp 2 Cape

Oyvind & Sheelah

Trip Start: Apr 27 2013 - Trip End: Apr 01 2014

The second stage of our journey starts on 27th April 2013. We’ll be travelling from Johannesburg, South Africa, through Botswana and Namibia before heading up the east coast of Africa.

We have dreamed about driving through Africa for years but it always remained that - a fantasy something we'd love to do but never really believed we would or could actually follow through on. And then one day we thought - why not? Life is just too short to wait until retirement to start doing everything we want to do. And in any case the way that retirement ages are rising we'll probably be working until we are 85 before we retire on pension anyway! Our love of wildlife nature and African wilderness has also spurred us into action - if we wait until we retire there may not be much wildlife to see nor wilderness to experience.

Please join us on our adventure: you can see our preparation on our website, keep up to date on our blog, or follow us on our facebook page.

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Kapp 2 Cape



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