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Andy & Jacqui

Trip Start: Apr 06 1999 - Trip End: Oct 02 2000

This site followed our travels through Africa and kept our mothers from the sleeping tablets. After two years of planning reading discussions procrastination delays red tape and several missed deadlines they finally went played and made it back home.

Andy writes after they entered Sudan: "By 3pm we were officially in the country. On this side of the border there is no road for 50 km and all vehicles follow a variety of tracks through the fields. Within a few minutes we were stuck in the mud.Five hours of playing in the mud followed. Tracks were numerous or non-existent. Between us we had three Landys three winches one kinetic rope four tow strops and shackles for Africa. We used them all and broke one of the strops. It was great fun despite the mud getting the better of one of my flip flops. After digging and shovelling we got mud in places only previously seen by sand in the Mauritanian desert. By 8pm we had driven a total of 11km and it was dark so we packed up for the night - with a big mud bath between us and the other two cars.Fortunately it didnt rain much during the night and the day was dry so we were able to make good progress during the following day - a grand total of 12 km!"

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