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Expedition Quad Squad

Valerio, Jamie & Kristopher

Trip Start: Aug 01 2010 - Trip End: Oct 22 2011

Jamie Kenyon, Valerio De Simoni, and Kris Davant, set out on a world-first global challenge driving from Istanbul to Sydney on ATV quadbikes through Europe, Africa, and Australia covering 60,000 Km, 38 countries, spanning 12-months.
This is their story.

Extract from the diary:"Fast forward 7 hours later and the sun is setting and we are in the smallest town I can recall in this trip. Somehow, we find a camp site, in the small town. This place was special from the get go. It is a local camp site for local tribes people. The fence, to stop lions from entering, is made from sticks, very comforting! The camp site boys, can not stop looking at our bikes and we can not stop looking at their cool tribal clothes."

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Expedition Quad Squad



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