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Simon & Kate

Trip Start: Oct 01 2012 - Trip End: Oct 01 2015

Individually we are Kate, Simon and Maxwell, together we are LandyLove.

In our previous lives; Simon was a techie geek, Kate a purveyor of the magic of art to all and Maxwell has always, and will always, be a dog. We are intending to circumnavigate the continent of Africa, (excluding Egypt) our journey will take us down the West and up the East coast, bridged by a traverse of South coast. Our beast of burden will be a Green, 1988, Land Rover Defender 90 200tdi. This trip will be a dream come true…. Literally Kate had dream about returning to Rwanda and Uganda… and Simon didn’t want to leave his car behind. Landylove will bear witness to the people, tales, landscape, creatures, happenings and history of Africa. You can keep up to date and contact us through Max’s blog.

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