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Write to Angola Expedition

Justin Brogan

Trip Start: Sep 01 2013 - Trip End: Oct 14 2013

The long awaited Expedition to Angola has eventually arrived.

The Expedition “Write to Angola” will depart from Cape Agulhas in South Africa , once again and will commence on the 1st September 2013, over a 4-5 week period with my trusty Expedition vehicle, CHUMMER.
This will incorporate a route through the West of South Africa to Namibia, whereby various terrains, cultures and communities will be entertained. Then on to Angola and Botswana, before arriving back in Cape Town.
The long and arduous task starts with gaining sponsors and deciding on routes and off course the basic Expedition infrastructure starting with my vehicle, tyres, fuel etc.
Then there’s the Expedition, once you have left the comfort of the office and convenience.

The Expedition will again be visiting the likes of Primary schools, Missions & Orphanages en route in Rural areas, assisting with much needed stationery supplies, to further their educational needs. Allowing the “Little Voices in Africa” to speak out and better there situation via the Expedition lenses and interviews is key to this mission and to document the conditions found.
Once again the places visited will be documented and where deemed fit interviews with various media outlets will be entertained.
Government Ministers en route in each country will again be invited to interviews and the Expedition explained.
The Expedition will also as before combine its mission with discovery and adventure whereby various cultures and places of interest will be visited.
Accommodation will be varied, from camping, Hotels, and lodges.

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