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Vincent, Jonathan & team

Trip Start: May 15 2015 - Trip End: May 15 2017

We are a combat wounded U.S service member team, that has started a future non-profit organization to take combat service veterans on overland trips around the world. The current trips are broken down into the phases. For example the first phase is spring 2015 for the Americas. The next phase is Africa.

Our organization is called "overland veteran". It was started by myself and another combat wounded U.S service member. We are planning a multi-phase overland trip. The first phase is the Americas. We are a non-profit, that is looking in the future to bring other combat veterans on overland journeys. Right now the current team is set to start out in our 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40, in spring 2015. We are driving up to Alaska then down to Mexico, Central America, and South America. The difference is we are going off the typical Pan-American highway route. We are turning right after Columbia and going to Suriname and seeing all the countries on the northern tip of South America and working our way back down. I would like to build contacts and link up with other people in the community for a possible convoy.

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