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Frans & Nelke

Trip Start: Mar 18 2015 - Trip End: Apr 18 2022

Dutch family with 2 kids & 2 dogs, 7 years at a snail's pace in a 6x6 MAN Truck thru Europe, Africa, Middle East & Southeast Asia.

We invite you to follow our leisure adventurous journey with 2 boys & 2 dogs in a 6x6 MAN truck from Holland via West to South Africa and crisscrossing via Eastern Africa to Egypt. Hopefully we have enough spare time to visit the Middle East, India & Nepal. From Sharjah we get across to Iran and continue overland via Turkey, the gate into Europe.

We love to show our boys the world and we like to share our experiences with you. We home & world school, it gives us freedom to travel and to discover. Traveling has always been important in our lives. Nothing is for us out of bounds or out of reach!

But as nothing is certain in life, we're as flexible as a person can be.

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